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Why Not Fit?

Alexandria, VA

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Let me first start my saying that I am neither a professional nor trained dietitian/nutritionist/fitness instructor. I do however know what has worked for me and a few close friends. WhyNotFit? came about when I realized that my love to help others find their healthy lifestyle had become a second job. So instead of going at it alone, I got my girls together and came up with WhyNotFit?. Each girl will have their own contributions in hopes of making this Blog well rounded and able to reach more of you at home! Oh and boys….Don’t feel left out! I have many guest male athletes and friends who will participate and blog too. My page, just like my life, will be focus on getting fit by having fun. Categories will include: Back to the Basics, Get Creative, Partner Up, Challenge, and Follow the Journey. I want to encourage everyone to ask questions, make comments/suggestions, and post their own videos in the Challenge category. Ready, Set, Lets get FIT!



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Alexandria, VA