Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haki Saki?

Haki Saki [hok-ee] [sok-ee] is an online Adventure Ecosystem.  Haki Saki provides adventurers, athletes and puzzlers with discounts, activity/gear directories and a robust social environment. Meet other adventurers, solve puzzles and challenges, find local classes, events and merchants.

By cross-pollinating a variety of Adventure Categories, our platform allows users to experience new activities and advertisers reach new customers!

Adventurers also like a good challenge, so that's why we offer puzzles and competitions allowing you to win prizes!

- Technology Solutions
- Marketing Services
- Business Development & Consulting

 Retailers and Escape Room Owners:
- Drive more traffic to your business and website
- Share content, images and videos
- Offer Deals and Discounts
- Creative Services and Collaboration



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What is a Passport?

A Haki Saki Passport is a user's profile that allows someone to define their adventure interests allowing them to meet like-minded adventurers, find activity and gear Deals and compete in Adventure Challenges.
Passports are easy to create and Free!

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Are Directory listings free?

Absolutely!  Any individual or organization can add a FREE listing to the Haki Saki Directories.  To create a new listing (or CLAIM an existing Listing), create a FREE Passport, wait for your activation email and log-in, then go to your Tools/Listings Dashboard

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How do I access Haki Saki's FREE Directories?

Just sign up for a Free Passport with Haki Saki :)

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What are Haki Saki Deals?

Haki Saki offers discounts for all members on products, gear, activities, competitions, etc..  We also offer Local Deals to Groups in certain geographic areas!

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How do I connect with training and activity partners?

Planning a weekly ride? Need others to join you in an Escape Room? Need someone to Hike with?  Haki Saki allows members to search for other Adventurers in their area to join them for activities

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Can I use Haki Saki on my smartphone and mobile device?

Technically, yes..Haki Saki is mobile friendly but for the best experience, we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.  We have an App in the works!

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Special Requests & Collaboration

Do you want to gain more exposure for your Business?  Is there some special Group functionality that you would like?  Would it be nice to have a more flexible social platform that focuses just on Action Sports and Adventure?  Let's talk!  We are nimble and always looking to work with other forward thinking partners :)

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What are Haki Saki Challenges?

Haki Saki features a variety of puzzles and challenges that allow members to earn points and prizes.  Geo-caches, Adventure Puzzles, Fitness Challenges, Geo Spots and more!

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What are Geo Clues?

A Geo Clue is content related to a specific location.  Content can be answers to puzzles, clues to challenges, hints for scavenger hunts and geo-caches, coupons for products, etc.. A user must be in a specific geographic area and logged in to Haki Saki to receive the content.

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What are Geo Spots?

Geo Spots are locations where you can earn points. If you are in the vicinity of a Geo Spot, just click on globe magnifying glass 64 gray and you will be awarded points! (Make sure you are logged in first)

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